About Me

bw_7782I love a fresh crisp fall day, especially if I am riding on a horse. I love game night, even if I am getting creamed by my 6 year old daughter, which happens more than one would think. I love the ocean, even if I am not a fan of all the sand, and need to reapply sunblock every 45 minutes. I love photography, of course, but who doesn’t? I love to travel. My Aunt used to call me her little Gypsy. Most importantly, I love my family, even if at times I don’t like them every much.

Photographs are  great at capturing the present, but what I really admire about them, is how they help you remember the past. They allow me to travel back in time to when my child was a baby, to a time when my Grandmother’ would give us packets of Mentos, to a time when I wasn’t an only child. Photographs are powerful, magical. Enticing silent smiles, tears and bouts of laughter.

This is why I love Photography. It makes me a memory keeper, and I’d love to share my gift with you.


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